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Carbone Lorenzo  New Generation of Energy Storage Devices

Professor Jusef Hassoun

Ferrara University, Ferrara

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Comparative Study of Ether-Based Electrolytes for Application in Lithium-Sulfur Battery

Lorenzo Carbone, Mallory Gobet, Jing Peng, Matthew Devany, Bruno Scrosati, Steve Greenbaum and      Jusef Hassoun

The poster reports the comparative study of ether-based electrolytes previous published on ACS-Applied material & interface. Herein I have shown the electrolyte characterization  in terms of thermal properties by DSC and TGA, conductivity measurements (EIS), lithium transference number (PFG-NMR), electrochemical window stability, lithium interface stability Vs time and  lithium stripping/deposition test. Furthermore  a galvanostatic cycles of the lithium-sulfur cell employing a sulfur-carbon composite cathode are presented in order to explain the effect of the LiNO3 additive on the battery performance. A voltage profiles and the specific capacity vs number of cycles  graphs are shown for the best configuration cathode/electrolyte.

Mount Saint Vincent Hosts ACS Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting

Riverdale, N.Y. – The College of Mount Saint Vincent welcomes the 2016 Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) of the American Chemical Society (ACS) to its Riverdale campus from Thursday, June 9 through Sunday, June 12.

The ACS Middle Atlantic regional meeting convening in New York City, June 9-12 , 2016, and is devoted to the following areas:

  1.    Energy for a Sustainable Future, Lithium Ion Batteries, Ionic Liquid, Photocatalysis and Solar Fuel , Nano-Chemistry and Technology


  1.     Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Enzyme Catalysis and Inhibition, Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology, Biospectroscopy, Medicinal Chemistry, Protein Structure & Design.

  1. Research and Education in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Mass Spectrometry,  Chemistry and Neutrino Physics, Crystal Engineering & Mechanisms of Crystallization

Riverdale - NYC