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Sapienza University, Rome

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Carbone Lorenzo  New Generation of Energy Storage Devices

Professor Jusef Hassoun

Ferrara University, Ferrara

Chemistry Department

Via Fossato di mortara 17, Ferrara, Italy

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 August 17-28 -2015  

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Utrecht - Holland

Nanomaterials: Science and Applications

The topics of this course are: organic macromolecules, inorganic catalyst particles, and size-quantized metal and semiconductor structures. In the course students will be introduced to the exciting interdisciplinary field of nanoscience, its chemical and physical aspects, and its many applications. The school will combine theory (lectures, tutorials) with experiment, practicals, computer simulations, laboratory tours and a visit to an industrial research laboratory.


Utrecht is the lively, beating heart of Holland. It was built around the Dom tower, which you can see from any point in the city, so there is no way you can get lost in the attractive, car-free city centre. Utrecht boasts beautiful canals with extraordinary wharf cellars housing cafés and terraces by the water. As well as the Dom tower, Utrecht boasts hundreds of other monuments that each contribute to the special atmosphere in this centuries-old university town.